Ato Serkalem G. Kirstos

Ato. Serkalem G. Kirstos was the general manager of Continental Petroleum & the Managing Partner of Habitable Business Solutions which works on environment. He held the key position as the co-founder &Commercial Manager of National Oil Ethiopia-NOC since establishment and served the company until it reaches a market leader in the Ethiopian Oil and Petroleum Industry.

Ato. Serkalem exhibits resourcefulness and dynamism and plays big part in a firm’s ability to improve a year-over-year revenue through a robust market development. His contribution in introducing alternative sources of energy like Petroleum Coke in Ethiopia, for the first time, was a case in point.

Prior to that, Ato. Serkalem has worked for an Italian company -Agip Ethiopia and the Dutch- Shell Ethiopia Limited as Retail and Consumer Manager. He was serving Equatorial Business Group as a Sales & Marketing Manager until he was handpicked when the idea of establishing National Oil Ethiopia-NOC came into being.

He is a leader who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits & has successfully developed several marketing plans for various companies that has resulted in increased revenue.

Ato. Serkalem is an Honors graduate of Addis Ababa University with a BA degree in Management and holds MBA in Marketing from the prestigious Indira Gandhi National University. He has been lecturing at various colleges, universities and institutions in Ethiopia on par time basis for many years as a leisure work.

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Mr. Serkalem G. Kirstos
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dalol Oil S.C.