Board and Management

Message from the Founders

Ethiopia is currently on the edge of rapid economic development with consistent double-digit growth over the last successive years. The trend in sustainability of economic growth is being witnessed in all the critical areas of consumption indicators such as power, energy, cement etc. The consumption of petroleum products such as petrol, diesel and kerosene has been significantly growing with an increase of 10% in consumption on year-to-year basis. Consumption of lubricants and lubrication oil has also shown a double-digit growth over the last three years. In addition, the fact that petroleum is a necessity product and its demand is inelastic makes the growth sustainable even in times of any economic slowdowns.

For long, few multinational Oil Companies with little competition to satisfy the increasing demand had dominated the petroleum industry. Despite persistent and increasing growth in the demand for petroleum products, the network expansion and supply by existing Oil Companies is slow moving. Recent trends in the exit of multinational oil companies is further weakening the strength of the Oil Industry to service the growing demand of the nation for petroleum products.

Dalol Oil S.C. is a company founded by Ethiopians with a wealth of local and international experience in the Oil Industry and with a determination to shape and strengthen the future of Ethiopian born prosperity. Dalol Oil S.C. aims to play a significant role in satisfying the nation’s growing petroleum products and services demand whilst giving investors a stable and attractive rate of return on their investment.

 We hereby extend our invitation to you, our fellow citizens and foreign investors, to subscribe for shares and be part of our grand vision to form Ethiopian born Oil Company that will create a substantial employment opportunity for Ethiopians and leave a legacy and lifetime profitability for you and your generations to come.