Products & Services

Dalol Oil S.C. will adopt a phased approach in the scope of business activities it will be engaged in. During the first two years of operation, the company will primarily focus on the following products and services:

* Fuel products: Gasoline (Benzene), Gas Oil (Naphta) and Kerosene
* Lubricants and greases
* Other related products and services (non fuels related) such as tyre spare parts, car care products, batteries etc.

On the third year, once the company has held a grip on the market, it will raise additional capital (Birr 100 million) through public offering of second round share sales. During the fourth year of its operation, the company would expand the range of products and services to include:

* Bitumen
* Aviation fuels (Avgas and Jet A-1)
* LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Our Products